The concept of making an independent apparel line is really appealing to me. I worked on a Spring collection of about 10 pieces or so for my Senior independent study. It was primarily focused on the printmaking aspect in which I designed stamps to produce my own fabrics (as pictured above). In looking at labels I found some I really vibe with aesthetically. They’re definitely people I’d like to work with some day on a design team. Or at least have the pleasure of sharing a conversation.


The grunge feel and subtle irony in UNIF’s graphic pieces is so satisfying. They have this effortlessly cool sense about them. But what makes it unique is that they play up their “anti-cool”. Also, in regards to showing off a logo-they know how to do it.




Ovate makes me want to join a witch cult. What’s fantastic about their line is that they embrace a Wiccan  style without falling into clichés. They’re genuine in their darkness. And who knew black could be so versatile? They play the monochromatic card like pros. Which is no surprise.


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