One of my favorite bands, Cults, did a branded collab with street artist Hueman. Head members of the band, Brian Oblivion and Madeline Follin, play off of reverb and static in their music. I think Allison Torneros, of Hueman, captures the movement of their sound in her piece. You can watch the video here.


     Art as public installations are my favorite because graffiti and sculpture reach people in their everyday lives. The mindset people have when driving to work or taking their dog for a walk is different than the mood created in a gallery or show. It allows the work to be interpreted more freely without the restraint of expectations or extraneous knowledge about the piece. I feel street art is one of the most authentic ways to view art in it’s most genuine state.6



To me, the aesthetic of a band is just as important as their sound. The look helps define the vibe of the music. I like to think of it as the equilibrium of aesthetics and euphonies.

Speaking of euphony, here’s Cult’s latest release: Enjoy.


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